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Stacking Deeds: Strategies, Market Trends, Tools, and Education For Real Estate Investors

May 21, 2024

Is your real estate empire working for you or are you working for your real estate empire? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be free to do whatever you wish, not burdened by a full time job hanging over your head? The problem with many real estate investors is that they trade working full-time for someone else for longer hours, maintaining an unwieldy real estate empire. Today we help you change that as we roll back the clock to the fall of 2023 when we chatted with Chad Carson, AKA "Coach Carson" about building a small but mighty real estate empire. One big enough to fund your dreams but not so big that you're constantly working to maintain it. How do you set all of this up? He'll explain.

Of course, we'll also include a compelling headline, a call to Ruth's Rotary phone, and some of Doug's eclectic real estate trivia.