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Peter Schutes Radio

Feb 27, 2023

Imagine you’re a young man with a deep love for your father. You find out he loves you even more. Then you find out he impregnated you. This collection of stories tell about an imaginary Appalachian ethnic group called the Monachee, who have the ability to reproduce without women. The books follow the Bunch family, whose men are built differently from town folk. They can conceive. In fact, to produce a male heir, they must mate with another man. The conception can only happen beyond the colorectal junction, so the men are all endowed with the right equipment for the job. Until the middle of the twentieth century, the Bunch family interbred. Daddy was brother to his son. But forces of modernization have caused several Bunch men to find male love outside the Monachee tribe. This vintage collection of MPREG fiction mixes taboos. Rather than an “Omegaverse”, Peter created an “Appalachiaverse.”


About the male pregnancy series, Peter wrote: “These stories push the limits of erotic literature. The incest, homosexuality, and conception are all slaps in the face of the rigid society that marginalizes homosexuals and treats us as pariahs. These stories were my attempt to fight back against the people and institutions that treated my own homosexuality like a disease. Even Jesus, the original rebel, said that Love trumps all things. If two men love one another, nothing should keep them apart.”