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Dead Robots' Society

Oct 27, 2009

This Halloween week the Dead Robots sit down and chat with the FD0 himself, Scott Sigler. The man is a writing machine, and you get to benefit from all his wit and wisdom, plus get all sorts of juice info on his upcoming release - "Ancestor". Enjoy!

Oct 20, 2009

This week Terry and Justin sit down with Mur Lafferty and Christiana Ellis to get their views on character, writing, and gender in so far as genre fiction is concerned. Finally the DRS gets a woman's touch again, something sorely needed for a long time.

Oct 9, 2009

DRS Promo

Oct 6, 2009

This week the Dead Robots sit down with author and musician James Durham. His podcast "FETIDUS" is a fine example of great writing, acting, sound production, and music, so settle in and listen as he tells us how he does it. Enjoy.

Tales of the Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind - Part3

Oct 5, 2009

This is part three of a four-part short story series I've written called Tales Of The Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind. It is a sci-fi series about the star-freighter Breaking Dawn and its crew. I hope you enjoy it.