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Dead Robots' Society

Mar 30, 2011

This week Terry and Eli sit down to chat with Sacchi Green about all things erotica, particularly her new anthology LESBIAN COPS, which our Terry has a story in. Congratulations to the both of them! Enjoy.

Mar 23, 2011

This week the Robots talk with self-publishing success story Michael Sullivan and his wife Robin, who founded and runs Ridan Publishing. Michael has signed with Orbit, but his success with self-publishing is astonishing. We hope you enjoy it.

Con-Jour '11 - Publishing

Mar 16, 2011

This is a panel on Publishing recorded by Terry. The panelists are Terry Mixon (Moderator), Bill Fawcett, Rhonda Eudaly, and Olivia M. Grey.

Mar 16, 2011

This week the Robots sit down and chat with author and podcaster J. R. Murdock about his experience with self-publishing his new book, "Astrel: Chosen." We hope you enjoy!

Con-Jour '11 - Revising Your Work

Mar 16, 2011

This is the Revising Your Work panel recorded by Terry. Panelists are Paul Elard Cooley (Moderator), Jody Lynn Nye, Beverly Hale, Julia Mandala, Lou Antonelli, and Michael Ashleigh Finn.