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All Things Are Possible Teacher Podcast

Apr 9, 2024

I’m so excited you are taking this bold step, that leap of faith into starting something truly magical: your very own learner-driven microschool or homeschool hybrid program. You want to tweak the edges of traditional education, reshape it from the ground up, and build something spectacular for families in your community or online. 

Now, let’s chat about a topic that I know many of you are thinking about right now as you start planning your dream microschool or homeschooling business. The Curriculum? 

What kind of curriculum should I choose for reading, writing, spelling, math and so on? What type of curriculum is best for a learner driven community? I know choosing the right curriculum is not alway easy, especially if you don’t know where to begin. 

Trust me, I've been there, trying to pick the best curriculum that is flexible among the sea of endless educational resources, theories, and guidelines. I was wondering if I will be able to find a flexible curriculum that breathes life into my vision of my microschool.

You're probably nodding along right now, thinking, "That's exactly it. I want to create a space where learning isn't just transferred but discovered, a place where each student's journey is as unique as they are. But the curriculum... that's a tough nut to crack." Well, my friend, you're in the right place.

Because in today’s episode, we’re going to tackle curriculum design for your microschool or homeschool hybrid  together to make sure you know how to find the right fit that is flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of all your learners. 

Are you ready, let's get started!

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