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On the Frontlines of Democracy

Feb 6, 2024

Host Sanjay Ruparelia interviews Olle Tornquist, professor emeritus of political science and development research at the University of Oslo. Professor Tornquist’s research focuses on the rise and decline of second and third-wave democracy in Scandinavia as well as the Global South. This episode explores the power of participatory socialism in democratization, the challenges of applying the Scandinavian model elsewhere in the world, and the limitations of NATO in thwarting far-right authoritarianism.



Show Notes:

Host: Sanjay Ruparelia, Jarislowsky Democracy Chair and Associate Professor of Politics and Public Administration at Toronto Metropolitan University.


Guest: Olle Tornquist is a professor emeritus of Political Science and Development Research at the University of Oslo. Professor Tornquist’s latest book is called In Search of New Social Democracy: Insights from the South, Implications for the North.

Further Reading:


Comparative Notes on Indian Experiences of Social Democracy: Kerala and West Bengal by John Harriss and Olle Tornquist


Deepening Democracy: Institutional Innovations in Empowered Participatory Governments by Archon Fung and Erik Olin Wright

Capital and Ideology by Thomas Picketty