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Courage to Be Courageous

May 9, 2023

I had the opportunity to attend the Saint Judes Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee because I am a lifetime donor. I had not had the opportunity to tour their facility before, but when I did I was humbly overwhelmed. As many of you know, Saint Judes Research Hospital was founded by Danny Thomas in 1962 and they treat pediatric cancer from children all over the world. Any patient and family who goes there for treatment for pediatric cancer is never ever given a bill for the treatment, the housing, the food or anything else. This podcast that you’re going to see will give you some insight as to what I observed on my tour. I encourage all to listen to this podcast. It is inspiring and powerful. You will see the courage that these children have, their parents, the doctors and nurses and staff. None of them run from their fear but embrace it and have the courage to be courageous to get through it. Saint Judes Research Hospital has taken the cancer rate survival of 20% to now it’s over 80% survival. This is a must-see podcast.