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Courage to Be Courageous

Jul 4, 2023

Scott Williford has a powerful story ,coming out as gay and developing the importance of “community “. He developed the GLTA, which stands for gay lesbian tennis association which is now active in 70 cities across the United States, and is still growing strong. He also was instrumental in supporting the Diversionary theater on the board for many years, and served as president from 2017- 2022.  . Diversionary theater is out of San Diego and is one of the three oldest theaters in the United States for LGBTQ. Not only do they do shows in the theater, but they go out to the schools and bring the theater to them, and also allow them to come in and see productions in the theater. This develops a sense of community for these kids. They also provide some fascinating programs that Scott will share with you that will show the powerfulness and necessity of community. Their website is Please check out the website. You will see some ways that you can provide support to the Diversionary theater and the GLTA.

Check out GLTA: