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Courage to Be Courageous

Sep 5, 2023

Marisa Butler is the Director of development for the Phoenix Theater Company. You’re going to find an incredible community at the Phoenix Theater Company . The theater just started their 104th season and are expanding their facilities. In fact, Steven Spielberg showed his first production as a high school senior in the Phoenix Theater, and still considers it to be the start of his movie career. Live theater is for the whole person and we encourage all to embrace live theatre in your community . The Phoenix Theater also provides healing and laughter for the Phoenix, Children’s Hospital and other hospitals. Also, they all support hospice of the valley where they help elderly ones to enjoy laughter and connection with the community. One of the reasons that I chose to support this theater is the productions I have seen have been the best with professional actors from all over the world. Their website is In many cases, you can give funds to the Phoenix Theater and get a charitable deduction