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Courage to Be Courageous

Sep 19, 2023

After doing 27 episodes of the podcast “the courage to be courageous“ I wanted to do a reflective interview to my Podcasters. It’s really a podcast of thankfulness and having a voice for our community and I am so appreciative that I’m able to do this . .I also want to ask those who are my listeners to give me input on what they would like to hear in future podcasts.I also want them to have a voice on my website and on my Podcasts, where they can individually encourage those with your compliments of my guests who have come out with some incredible courageous stories. Tell him how their story has affected your life. As humans we need affirmations and I want to encourage my listeners to give those affirmations on my podcast/website. Our audience is an audience of inclusivity, and I want to hear from all including our heterosexual allies. This is a podcast for humanity.