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Courage to Be Courageous

Mar 26, 2024

I had open heart surgery February 8, 2024 at Cleveland clinic which is number one in the world for open heart surgery. What started out as a routine procedure ended up in a wild ride for me and my partner John. This was an opportunity for me to embrace my fear and use courage to get through it. I had three surgeries; they had to repair the aorta, give me a bovine valve and repair my mitral valve. It was a seven hour surgery. I recovered in ICU for seven days then was assigned to a regular hospital room. After two weeks in Cleveland we were ready to check out. However, after two days at the hotel, I develop symptoms and had to be rushed to emergency where it was determined that I had pneumonia and sepsis. This was a time I had to really embrace  my fear, and use courage to get through it . My partner, John was with me every step of the way and Cleveland clinic saved my life. This is a powerful podcast for those who have fear regarding their health needs and need courage to overcome their fear. You will find in this podcast what’s really important in our lives and the importance of community. You will also see in my podcast the other  programs which Cleveland clinic is developing to save lives. Telephone number for Cleveland clinic is 800-659-7822 and the heart Institute 866-320-4573. Their website is

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