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Courage to Be Courageous

Apr 2, 2024

Kevin O’Connor grew up in a different lifestyle than most of us. He was a son of a Funeral Director and lived in the house where the whole funeral took place. The caskets and embalming were in the basement. The main floor was the funeral parlor. The first floor was where his uncle and their family lived . The second floor was where Kevin, his brothers and parents lived . His dad was also a funeral director . Kevin received his Bachelor Science degree in Political Science from Loyola university in Chicago and his Masters Degree in Education at the University of California at Berkeley graduating in 1977 .Kevin published an outstanding book called “Two Floors Above Grief “ a memoir of two families in the unique place we called home. This is a combination of letters from many of his family members that Kevin compiled and put in this beautiful memoir. You’re going to learn in the memoir how Kevin came out as gay to his father and the tremendous support his father showed him in a generation where it was not safe to come out. Kirkus review called it “a warm and sincere family history“ .You are going to see the courage that Kevin displayed when he came out to both of his wives as gay and also his two beautiful sons who are now adults. You will see how he met his life partner and now his husband Leon . Kevin is living his best, authentic life. You will also see how he has done community efforts and had a voice for the LGBTQ industry and has written several programs for them and has been life coach for many of them .Kevin can be reached on his website www.kevino’