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Courage to Be Courageous

Apr 9, 2024

Monish Modi grew up in India and was on cricket as his whole family played it. In India, the marriages are arranged by their parents, because there is so much respect and dignity for the parents who they consider their their elders. Monish knew he was different than the other boys however because they're so much pressure against being gay in India, his fear of coming out crippled him. On the request of his mother who had had a stroke and she wanted him to get married before she died he married someone he only knew for four days. It produced a beautiful daughter, Monish decided to move to the UK, where he felt it would be better for his wife and daughter. However, his wife did not want to move to the UK and went back to India, which led to a separation and a divorce because Monish love to play cricket, he got connected to an LGBTQ team called Graces where he eventually became the captain of the cricket team. First time in his life, he was able to feel he was accepted, and they gave him courage and strength. He was interviewed by Sky Sports News and CNN, who totally supported the LGBTQ network. You're going to learn how things have changed in India. However, there are still many who have a fear of coming out because there's society pressure in India. Monish decided to come out to his dad when he came to the UK and the outcome you will see in the podcast. This is an intriguing and powerful story. Monish we'll talk about what his story can help others to be their authentic self. He continues to do a lot of work for the LGBTQ community and he has a voice for our community.