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Courage to Be Courageous

Apr 23, 2024

Dan Bolen was interviewed by Chelsea Ennen out of Brooklyn, New York for the Kirkus Review. Kirkus is the number one in the world who rates authors and their books. Chelsea did an excellent interview with me and Kirkus was supportive and honest about my memoir “the Courage to Be Courageous”. So on this podcast, I read the interview word for word in hopes of inspiring others to read my memoir regarding overcoming fear and using courage to get through it. Kirkus reviewed it on their website digitally April 8 and I was featured in their March 1 and March 15 magazine publication that goes to bookstores and all libraries.

I also wanted my listeners to know that I will be doing a live interview with a national syndicated TV program, “The Daily Blast”. I will be doing this podcast on April 18, 2024. Because “The Daily Blast is a national syndicated program I invite my listeners to listen to it locally. You all should have it on your local TV stations .Here we get it on NBC. it’s my opportunity to have a national voice for our community and I am humbled and appreciative that “The Daily Blast “ have offered me this opportunity.

On this podcast I also read a portion of Steve Petersons “Bursting Through knowledge and power” about an article he did regarding the Love of Hate . What is the love of hate? “The love of hate is best described as someone looking at someone and simultaneously seeing hate in their eyes and a smile on their lips”. Steve goes onto show the love of hate is gaining power and momentum. For example: He mentions in 2020 these groups took over $110, million and their revenue continues to grow. We all in our community and our heterosexual allies must have a voice about this. Do not remain silent. I encourage all of you to read this entire review ONLINE knowledge and power. The entire article can be found on Steve'swebsite.