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Herbology Talk

Find guidance and great advice for the student training in herbalism every other week.  Join Mary Colvin RH(AHG) as she interviews herbalists, schools, and other resources relating to multiple topics specific for all levels of herbalists in their continued studies!  Her goal is to offer multiple resources for the furtherment of herbalism training.

Mary is the host of Herbology Talk Free Monthly Meet-up which gathers every fourth Tuesday of every month.  This meet-up supports the student of herbalism, offers guidance and advice, and creates a network of peers.  You can register by following the directions here Herbology Talk Meet-up

She is also the host of the Training in Herbalism and Ask the Herbalist series on TikTok @ simpletrainingherbalist

Mary offers insights and guidance for beginner, intermediate, and clinical herbalists.  She is a Clinical Herbalist, Business Owner, Formulator, Mentor, and Author which lends to her expertise in these multiple areas of herbalism.

Visit her website to join her mailing list for future events, news, and information regarding her upcoming book release in 2024 at


Mary Colvin RH(AHG) is a Clinical Herbalist, Formulator, Mentor, Author, and Teacher with Ancestral Herbology in Ohio.  She formulates for Sprigs Life with the sale of multiple formulas currently on the market.  She has just finished writing a book to guide self-taught herbalists in learning herbalism and helping them to create their own at-home apothecary.  More information will be coming soon.  Her philosophy has always been “Healing the way nature intended” and she teaches this philosophy to both her clients and students alike.  She offers training, advice and guidance in the study of herbalism with classes, speaking events, and social media.  She is the host of Herbology Talk monthly meet-ups and podcast dedicated to supporting the herbal student in their studies and helping each of them reach their goals.  She is also the host of the Training in Herbalism series on TikTok.  She enjoys connecting with the land, enjoying life with her family, and growing her own medicinal herbs and vegetables while preparing the trails on her land to create a future sanctuary for the United Plant Savers.