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Herbology Talk

Find guidance and great advice for the student training in herbalism every other week.  Join Mary Colvin RH(AHG) as she interviews herbalists, schools, and other resources relating to multiple topics specific for all levels of herbalists in their continued studies!  Her goal is to offer multiple resources for the furtherment of herbalism training.

Mary is the host of Herbology Talk Free Monthly Meet-up which gathers every fourth Tuesday of every month.  This meet-up supports the student of herbalism, offers guidance and advice, and creates a network of peers.  You can register by following the directions here Herbology Talk Meet-up

She is also the host of the Training in Herbalism and Ask the Herbalist series on TikTok @ simpletrainingherbalist

Mary offers insights and guidance for beginner, intermediate, and clinical herbalists.  She is a Clinical Herbalist, Business Owner, Formulator, Mentor, and Author which lends to her expertise in these multiple areas of herbalism.

Visit her website to join her mailing list for future events, news, and information regarding her upcoming book release in 2024 at

Aug 13, 2023

I am joined by Amanda Ferguson, Ohio Herb Center Coordinator, to discuss what inspiration we each use to continue studying in herbalism.  The conversation turns to the different careers in herbalism, advice about setting goals in order to choose your path, and the importance of researching your training options along with practical resources to navigate the study of herbalism.  You can learn more about Amanda and the Ohio Herb Center at Ohio Herb Center

*CORRECTION:  I was wrong about the Navigating the Study of Herbalism webinar I did for the American Herbalist Guild on March 21, 2023 as being available to the public.  I was thinking of another webinar I did for them.  It is available for Members only.  If you wish to join, you can save $15 with my code MaryAHG15 at American Herbalists Guild