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Inspiring Possible

Apr 11, 2024

What brings you joy?

In this episode Host Christy Pennison engages in an enlightening conversation with special guest Kasey Compton, author of "In Search of You, How to Find More Joy When Doing More Isn't Doing It Anymore".  Kasey shares her transformative journey from bankruptcy and financial hardship to achieving professional success, while navigating personal challenges and the quest for true joy and fulfillment.

As Christy and Kasey delve deep into the themes of self-awareness, self-love, and the pursuit of joy, listeners are invited to explore the importance of unpacking negative narratives, reconciling past traumas, and fostering a genuine connection with the true self. The conversation also examines the societal pressure to constantly pursue productivity and the struggle to embrace presence and peace in the present moment. Through vulnerability and insight, Kasey highlights the necessity of celebrating achievements and offers valuable advice on releasing shame and offering grace and compassion to one's past self.Listeners will also gain valuable insights into Kasey's journey of personal growth and discovery, while discovering the significance of seeking therapy and external processing of experiences. 

In this episode we will dive into: 

  • Joy and fulfillment in life and career 
  • Achieving success 
  • Self awareness 

Join us as we explore the path to joy and self-discovery with Kasey Compton in this insightful and uplifting episode of "Inspiring Possible". Don't miss these invaluable insights, and remember, "if you can believe it, it's possible."

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