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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

Nov 29, 2023

(Not Sponsored): It took Bill Combs, founder of Tama Boots, twelve years to perfect the sole for a slip-resistant boot that passes military approval. In this episode, we discuss his journey from founding Bogs Boots, to designing products for retailers and emphasizing the importance of pushing the boundaries to create groundbreaking footwear for commercial fishermen. Bill discusses the in-depth development process, which took over a decade due to constant testing and redesigning. He also discusses the unique ways he's vetted the boot factory to ensure fair wages and employee satisfaction while maintaining competitive pricing. Are these the best fishing boots ever? Fishing families will be the judge. 

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Additional Notes from Episode:

United AK Fishermen's Summit December 5-7 in Anchorage, AK. (Read the back of the card). Then include for more info.

A "Dry December" Sober Series podcast episodes will end our 2023! Be sure to tune in!


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