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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

Mar 6, 2024

What feeling do you get when you hear the word, "Health Insurance?" For some of us, it's positive. For others, it feels like an overwhelming task. In this episode, I speak with our personal health insurance agent, Andy Hester of Insurance Solutions NC, to answer and all questions regarding plans and how to make them work for us as commercial fishing families!

Andy explains the basics of health insurance, including its role as a financial protection mechanism, the factors that determine the cost, and the role of subsidies. He also clarifies the concept of coinsurance, discusses the details of a specific health insurance plan, and the number one challenge he sees across the board with the solution to overcome it. 

To connect with Andy, you can reach him directly on his cell phone at (910) 520-5845, at the office at (910) 332-0404 or email him at You can also visit for more info. 


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