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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

May 22, 2024

Child-Free Experience: How I Came to the Decision Not to Have Kids

We’re talking about the choice not to have children and what that experience has been like as a 42-year-old Partner of a Commercial Fisherman. In this episode, I touch on:

  • Interviews with 10 women, ranging from 19 to late sixties, on why they do or do not have kids

  • Deciding factors as a Partner of a Commercial Fisherman

  • The stigmas of child-free women

  • Real thoughts and concerns of those who don’t have kids

  • Feeling confident in your decision to have kids or not 

I share to normalize women making decisions for themselves and not what society, family, or friends feel like they should do.  

Also, I am sensitive to those who are trying to have children and are having difficulty and those who want a child more than anything and aren’t able to conceive. Please skip this episode if the topic is too much right now. I hold space for you and send so much love.

Alright. Let’s get personal, shall we? 

Show Resources:

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