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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

May 15, 2024

Happy one-year anniversary of the POCF Podcast! I can’t believe a year has passed, and it’s been really special. I’ve loved being able to take the love and goodness I pour into the lifestyle blog and turn it into another way to connect with you! 

Since launching the podcast in May of 2023, we’ve met other POCFs and have gotten inspired by their experiences in this lifestyle, we’ve covered important topics such as motherhood, mental health, addiction, finances, health, art, creativity, and, of course, relationships and so much more. Thank you for listening and coming back each week to hang out. I’m so honored you chose to spend time w me and our community. We’ve really built this together, and I’m so thankful and honored to serve you.

 In honor of the one-year anniversary, I’m sharing testimonials from listeners and blog readers. 

I share not to boast but to show that we are out there, in different parts of the world, and can relate to each other on a lifestyle many do not understand. If it weren’t for you, I’d be a writer, blogging about this life and feeling alone in my own path, wondering if others felt the same. But, because you show up to this podcast, and comment on the blog and Instagram, you show up for us all. WE are an incredible community, and everything I do is dedicated to you.

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