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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

Apr 17, 2024

Adra Kusnirova is a former partner of a commercial fishing processor and part owner of a direct marketing family seafood business called Alaska Fresh. In this episode, we go deeper than just talking about business. We discuss long-distance dating and the challenges of living in remote Alaska with her partner, the isolation and depression she experienced during the rainy summers, and how she used alcohol to cope with depression and pregnancy loss. Adra also the way in which she prioritized her mental health to help get her out of the downward spiral. 

Of course, this story ends on a positive note! We talk about their family business, Alaska Fresh, how the Kusnirs learned the ropes by trial and error and a lot of grit, and their mission to support and promote commercial fishermen. Adra also discusses the joys of being a mom. This episode is packed with real talk and relatable stories that show courage and resilience that we can all relate to, and I hope you get some great takeaways as I did. Let’s dive in!


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