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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

May 23, 2023

What a treat! Aubrey McNeil reached out to me years ago, and her questions inspired me to write more about our POCF community! 

You'll learn: 

  • Challenges she faced in the beginning
  • What being a POCF has taught her the most.
  • How she became more involved in the fishing community, and you can, too!

NOTE: our FB group has been moved to a private forum on the blog > If you want to connect with other POCFs just like you, click here to join the private forum!

To connect with Aubrey, link up with her in our private forum (link below!) or on Instagram at @aubs_outside.

*Want to hang out in real life? Click here to join the All-Inclusive POCF Retreat happening this fall, 2023! We'd love to meet you!

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With love & #POCFpride!