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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

May 8, 2024

In this episode, I share the "Aha" moment I had after recording the previous episode (Part 1). After weeks of feeling kinda low about the fast-approaching fishing season in Bristol Bay, AK, I discovered the one "remedy" that helped me get out of the funk and back into enjoying day-to-day life with my fisherman again. I hope this helps if you're feeling this way, too!

Let's normalize having BIG feelings at any stage of the POCF game! In this episode, I give a real-time, first-hand account of how I'm currently working through the feelings of longing/sadness for a fast-approaching season. 

It's easy to get hard on ourselves for experiencing the ups and downs of emotions whether you're in the on- or off-season. However, instead of feeling punk for letting this get to me after 8+ years together, I remember that not all seasons are the same, and sometimes you feel the feels more than others. This is normal 🫶

Snapping back to enjoying time together is the real trick. Otherwise, we’ll catch ourselves in a cycle of longing instead of taking advantage of the joys and FREEDOM of the off-season. If you’re feeling this way or have in the past, it's okay! It will pass and you will continue to thrive.

Speaking to you on this episode feels like a chat with a BFF, a confessional, and a therapy session all in one. It's more proof that, no matter how long you've been with your fisherman, we can all relate – We Are Not Alone! 

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