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Partners of Commercial Fishermen

May 1, 2024

Let's normalize having BIG feelings at any stage of the POCF game! In this episode, I give a real-time, first-hand account of how I'm currently working through the feelings of longing/sadness for a fast-approaching season. The other morning over coffee, Chris said to himself, “I’m going back to Alaska this summer to run another boat.” As much as I love time to myself, the thought of another goodbye makes my heart drop. 

It's easy to get hard on ourselves for experiencing the ups and downs of emotions whether you're in the on- or off-season. However, instead of feeling punk for letting this get to me after 8+ years together, I remember that not all seasons are the same, and sometimes you feel the feels more than others. This is normal 🫶

Snapping back to enjoying time together is the real trick. Otherwise, we’ll catch ourselves in a cycle of longing instead of taking advantage of the joys and FREEDOM of the off-season. If you’re feeling this way or have in the past, it's okay! It will pass and you will continue to thrive.

Speaking to you on this episode feels like a chat with a BFF, a confessional, and a therapy session all in one. It's more proof that, no matter how long you've been with your fisherman, we can all relate – We Are Not Alone! 

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