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Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli

Aug 19, 2016

Welcome to another episode of Twisted! Today Sam Tripoli talks about:
1) Working out at 40!
2)Going to See Guns-N-Roses
3) The Hollywood Bowl
4) Kurt Metgzer and Amy Schumer
5) The Olympics

Aug 11, 2016

It's time for more ranting and raving about life from Sam Tripoli! Here's what I talk about on this episode of Twisted:
1) Should you tell someone when their fly is down?
2) The Ranteurs and the State of Stand Up
3) I'm getting old
4) Aliens
5) Follow Your Dreams

Aug 7, 2016

Welcome to another episode of Twisted With Sam Tripoli. I've decided to start ranting again so here you go. On this episode of Twisted, I discuss Vegas, being Armenian and trying to by a car from Armenians and HBO's "The Night Of!" This is my first time in a while I did an all rant show again so bare with as I get my...