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Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli

Dec 21, 2016

Thanks for listening to the second episode of Tin Foil Hat. This episode we talk to from the Youtube Channel Snarled, Rachel Evans! We experienced some technical difficulties. On this episode of Tin Foil Hat, we discuss....
1) Tin Foil Hat by Treadlightly
2) Mensa
2) Chaos Magic and Interdenominational
3) The Free...

Dec 14, 2016

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Tin Foil Hat podcast! For the first episode I've decide to bring on Eddie Bravo. After some technical difficulties we talk about.....
1) Why people do not believe Conspiracies
2) Dinosaurs
3) Russian Hacks
4) Hillary Clinton
Please let me know what you think about the podcast....

Dec 13, 2016

On this episode I talk about......
1) The Tin Foil Hat Episode
2) LA Traffic
3) TJ Miller
4) Jay Z
5) ESPN 3
6) Pornbots on Facebook

Dec 6, 2016

This episode I discuss...
1) Chicago
2) AirBNB
3) Political Correctness
4) Tomi Lahren
5) Pizzagate
please let me know if I talk to loud into mic please!

Dec 1, 2016

Vicky Pezza joins Sam Tripoli in studio to talk....
1) What's she been up to
2) Podcasting
3) Dogs
4) The Naughty Show
5) Trump and Hollywood