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Behind the Guinness Gates

Apr 5, 2023

Guinness’s DNA is deeply ingrained in the Liberties of Dublin, its origins rooted in a
medieval church, a holy well and that famous gate, all dedicated to St James. Turtle
takes us on a whirlwind trip from those medieval times through the evolution of the
brewery to the present day.

Mar 31, 2023

Two of Dublin’s finest historians discuss the importance of carthorses, canals and
jostle stones to the Guinness brewery, as well as going to school with the “Guinness”
girls and what it means to have the Storehouse in their neighbourhood.

Mar 29, 2023

Mango has been hailed by Hot Press magazine as ‘one of Ireland’s most important hip-hop acts of the 21st century’. He talks about growing up as a ‘true blue’ Dub in the shadow of the brewery, where his great-grandfather worked as a cooper, as well as performing in the Storehouse for Other Voices and how his...

Mar 29, 2023

Turtle looks at how Guinness has changed the Dublin skyline beyond the Storehouse through its work on housing, social housing, and green space. He homes in on the redbrick Iveagh Trust Buildings, the Bayno play centre, the Iveagh Baths and the evolution of St Stephen’s Green, St Patrick’s Park and the Iveagh Gardens

Mar 28, 2023

The Iveagh Trust was founded in 1890. Rory Guinness, a member of the brewing
dynasty, became its chairman in 2019. He tells the story of the 1 st Earl of Iveagh, the
role of the Iveagh Hostel and about how the microbial activity of bacteria resulted in
the Lister Medical Prize coming home to Dublin.