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Nov 23, 2016

Anthony Nachreiner of Nach On Sports, KGEZ 600AM, invites Adam and Brandan to come on the show to break down the Seahawks 26-15 win over the Eagles and to look ahead to their upcoming road game against the Buccaneers. With what Seahawks fans saw from Russell Wilson this weekend, there's no doubt that he's back from injuries that plagued him earlier this season and we saw some incredible "Russell Wilson things" in this past game.

With the Bucs coming off back-to-back wins, including a victory over the Chiefs at Arrowhead, the team finds itself sitting at .500 with a chance to get back into the playoff hunt in the NFC South. Could the home crowd potentially energize their team? Brandan thinks a quick start by the Seahawks could be important to bring the home crowd back down a bit. And it should be no surprise that Anthony, as a Bucs fan, thinks his team will come away with the win. Adam and Brandan both have the Hawks, but both think the game will only be decided by a single-digit margin of victory.