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Peace On Purpose

Jun 26, 2023

Post-its plastered in every room aren't going to make you believe better. Trust me. I know.

When you have deep concerns about any area of life, it can be harmful to your health to slap a bible verse on it and call it a day.

These moments where deep concern are present are an invitation to level up in our faith by...

Jun 19, 2023

Be honest...How quick are you to get your hopes up these days?


Most of use are so used to deferring hope that we don't even realize how sick our heart is. You've settled for things in you life and faith because you can't bear another desire being let down.

What if I told you your job isn't to control any outcomes in...

Jun 12, 2023

Do you take a day off every week? Where you don't cook, clean, or have a to-do list in hand? Have you tried all the Self-Care things, but even THOSE feel like you're adding to your plate?


In this episode, you'll hear a compelling case for taking one day a week off, so your family can rest together, play together, and...

Jun 5, 2023

Are your kids fighting a lot? Feeling at your wits end?

Parenting requires supernatural capacity, and it's a much more peaceful endevaor when viewed through the lenses of the gospel.

Inspired by a Q&A session while cooking on IG LIVE, LB goes a little deeper into a perspective about breaking up fights beteen her kids...