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Buff Brains By Vegvisir CrossFit

Nov 30, 2023

This epsidoe is simple. Where did we get our name from and why does it matter to us?

Nov 16, 2023

Join us for the perspective of a Vegvisir Athelte who is pregnant and another who has a 1 year old. We talk about the highs, lows, what to expact, and things they wish they knew as their fitness journey met the challenge that is pregnancy.

Nov 9, 2023

Wild Right? In today's episode, Nikki and Kidd talk about all the muscles that are inovlved in your core, the importance of training them, and how to train them effectively!!

Nov 2, 2023

You've probably said this before, "I'll wait until _____" to start. The thing is that time is our most precious resource and waiting to accomplish what we want can waste it for the sake of waiting for the "best opportunity." Dive in with us about what to do if you are wanting to make a habit change and ya feel like...