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Buff Brains By Vegvisir CrossFit

Dec 29, 2023

Every year, December becomes that time of year where everything we want to do gets pushed to January. All because we are worried about 2-8 days of holidays. Why sacrifice the other 22-28 days because of travel and stress about what we can't control? Join us today as we discuess our thoughts on F@#$ it season and how you...

Dec 21, 2023

CrossFit is a cult that has it's own set of lingo and equipment that we use! Here is what we recommend you get the CrossFitter in your life!

Dec 14, 2023

In today's episode we are talking about those nasty lunges that leave every CrossFitter's legs sore for DAYS! We are also launching a service where you can send us your questions so we can answer more of the questions you want answered in future podcasts!

Dec 7, 2023

Why don't we post our prices on our website? Why do we have the class times we have? We do we On-Ramp?

These questions and more will be answered when you tap play on this episode!