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When the pandemic caused Walt Disney World to shutdown and furlough cast members, they came together and created a facebook group Ear for Eachother

We had the opportunity to speak with four members of the Facebook group who built businesses during this time. Here are their stories.

Claire created a business out of ideas she wished that Disney was able to offer! She uses her cosmetology license to help her clients Disney bound in their own fairytale.

Kellyann creates door decorations, delivers baskets, and in room celebrations. Prior to the shutdown, Kelly was a coordinator at Ohana and facilitator for Disney University and uses her experience with Disney to infuse magic into all of her creations. 

Justin was a Jedi with the Jedi Training Academy prior to the shutdowns. In addition to his experience as a Jedi, Justin played baseball professionally. When the shutdown began, Justin offered baseball lessons in the Ear for Eachother Group and ended up with requests for Jedi lessons instead. Within 48 hours, he was booked up for the next 3 months!

Suhi specializes in charcuterie boxes, edible party favors, and other beautiful food items. Her business was Suhi's way to combine her experience in the food and beverage industry with her passion for food - and especially cheese - to fill a need for Disney guests. 

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