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ThriveMore with Roger Martin: Business, Health, & Wealth

Feb 14, 2024

John Pabon has spent two decades in the business of saving our earth. After leaving his role at the United Nations, he traveled the world studying the impacts of sustainability first-hand in factories, on fields, and at Fortune 500s. This experience has given him a very unique perspective on what it takes to make a positive impact. John is a globally recognized expert in sustainability with a mission to move from theory to practical strategies that help people and businesses confidentially make a real impact. To get there, John shares his message through books, consulting, and keynote speaking to audiences around the world. A regular contributor to major publications such as CNN, EuroNews, and ABC, John speaks to an array of global audiences on issues of sustainability, geopolitics, communications, and societal change. He is the Chair of The Conference Board’s Asia Sustainability Leaders Council, and a member of the United Nations Association of Australia while also serving on the board of advisors to the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce.

John is the author of Sustainability for the Rest of Us: Your No-Bullshit, Five-Point Plan for Saving the Planet. The book has been described as “…a foundational read for practical sustainability in the 21st century” and “…one of the best sustainability resources available to date.” John's second book, The Great Greenwashing: How Brands, Governments, and Influencers Are Lying to You helps consumers make smarter decisions about green products and environmental choices. Featuring wisdom from both of John’s books this conversation confronts the environmental challenges we face across generations. John shares his seasoned views on the interplay between environmental, social, and governance concerns. John is unafraid to suggest provocative solutions to the pressing issues of global population growth, greenwashing, and climate change.  

As the conversation progresses, John calls for authenticity in our pursuit of sustainability, urging listeners to focus on impactful areas and to avoid superficial environmentalism. Roger and John discuss the stark reality of recycling's minimal impact and the importance of a comprehensive approach to personal and collective environmental actions. Roger and John also explore the delicate balance between economic progress and environmental responsibility, touching upon how developing countries are innovative leaders in sustainability despite their immediate challenges. Plus, John uncovers how simple lifestyle choices can dramatically alter our ecological footprint. This discussion solidifies the notion that progress demands informed choices, clever utilization of economic tools, and a commitment to a sustainably focused path in the future. Join the conversation, and step into action as we navigate the complexities of sustainability together.


Topics Include:

  • Defining and Understanding Sustainability and Greenwashing 
  • The Truth About Recycling Standards and Our True Impact
  • John’s Thoughts on Overpopulation and Dwindling Resources 
  • How We Can Take Practical Action That Makes A Difference
  • Bridging Global and Economic Divides Within Environmentalism


John’s Book Recommendations:

Nothing to Envy: Love, Life and Death in North Korea


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