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ThriveMore with Roger Martin: Business, Health, & Wealth

Feb 19, 2024

The landscape of digital marketing has been evolving at such a fast pace over recent years that it’s often difficult to keep up. However, this week Roger sits down for a truly insightful and value-packed talk with a digital marketing expert and entrepreneurial powerhouse to give some perspective about marketing and so much more. Mike Arce is the founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, a groundbreaking digital marketing firm dedicated to dominating the fitness marketing industry. After starting small, Loud Rumor quickly broadened its services beyond fitness advertising to include consulting for gyms and fitness studios. Recognizing that gyms needed more than just leads, they have connected with top fitness studios across the nation, visiting over 30 different states to learn the strategies that set the top 5% apart from the average gym.

In this conversation, Mike jumps right in and schools listeners on the transformative power of surrounding ourselves with go-getters and mavericks to skyrocket our ambitions. Mike and Roger uncover the art of accountability and the necessity of high-flying peer groups to elevate personal and professional standards. Mike's not shy about deep-diving into behavior psychology, serving up a hefty scoop on the nature of change and how accepting the people we surround ourselves with can reshape our habits both positively and negatively. Mike pulls no punches, painting a vivid picture of the victim mentality trap and how taking ownership is the only escape. 

Brace for a mindset shift, as Mike and Roger reveal the real cost of change versus the unbearable weight of stagnation. Entrepreneurs at every level will benefit from Mike’s wisdom as he throws curveballs into the mix, debunking many marketing myths and common mistakes. The duo also wades into the tricky waters of modern marketing strategies with a spotlight on event-driven promotions to muscle up your sales while dissecting the shifting sands of digital marketing and the rush for customer attention. In addition, Mike recalls digital marketing's golden era of lead generation and how Facebook's rise sent ripples through the market. Mike's journey from the dojo to a digital empire is nothing short of epic and in this hour you're sure to walk away with not only value but no longer feeling like an entrepreneurial victim! 


Topics Include:

  • Common Problems Mike Diagnosed When Improving Businesses
  • Key Traits That Mike Has Observed Amongst Successful Entrepreneurs 
  • Addressing The Growing Epidemic of Victim Mentality 
  • How The Landscape of Digital Marketing Has Changed Recently 
  • The Importance of Offering Value Before Asking For Anything


Mike’s Book Recommendation: 

Outwitting the Devil: The Secrets to Freedom and Success 


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