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ThriveMore with Roger Martin: Business, Health, & Wealth

Mar 4, 2024

This week Roger is flying solo for the first installment in what will be a monthly solo show offering his insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and life. In this premier, we kick things off with insights from Rogers's new book, An Insider's Guide to Business: Secrets From an Entrepreneur's Playbook. This definitive guide for starting, staffing, and scaling your business to build the future you deserve is a must-read for anyone in the entrepreneurial or leadership space!

In this reflection, Roger offers his thoughts on the importance of taking responsibility and extreme ownership in business and life. He illustrates how adversity reveals character and urges individuals to manage their ego, approach challenges with humility, seek help when needed, and take full responsibility for their actions. Roger also provides examples of individuals who have successfully taken responsibility for their businesses and achieved growth despite challenging circumstances.

Through insightful examples, such as the story of a franchisee in San Diego who took full responsibility for her business during COVID, listeners are urged to adopt a mindset of accountability. The narrative also underscores the potential for personal and professional growth through the conscious decision to take ownership, ultimately driving success and leadership. It’s Roger’s true belief that by embracing a sense of extreme ownership, individuals are empowered to positively impact their businesses, families, and communities. So sit back and enjoy this mini-episode full of business insights, and leadership wisdom!  


Topics Include:

  • An Introduction to Roger’s New Book 
  • Taking Responsibility for Managing Your Ego 
  • The Relationship Between Ego and Imposter Syndrome 
  • The Two Ways People Respond to Crisis 
  • Why Success and Extreme Ownership Are a Choice 


Roger’s New Book


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