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ThriveMore with Roger Martin: Business, Health, & Wealth

Mar 18, 2024

Many of us have preconceived notions about prison, and organized crime, mostly shaped by the lens of Hollywood movies and television. In reality, the slippery slope toward crime and the realities of incarceration is much more nuanced and heartbreaking. Today, we're joined by Rick Koenig, a man whose life journey reads like an epic tale of challenges, transformation, and resilience. Rick isn't your average motivational speaker; his life experiences range from the disciplined practice of martial arts to providing personal security for celebrities, and from serving alongside the mob to enduring a harsh prison sentence with his own father. Now, he is a beacon of hope and strength for many, dedicating his energy to helping others build their own paths to success.

In this gripping conversation, Rick recounts guarding icons like Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman, encounters with mobsters, and the pivotal moment leading to imprisonment. Emotions run high as he reflects on his son's tragic battle with addiction and his own mistakes. Rick shares insights on rebuilding after incarceration, working multiple minimum-wage jobs, and realizing his real estate aspirations through Strength Sertified, his innovative online program. He emphasizes the importance of staying focused, avoiding negativity, and celebrating daily victories. 

This episode isn't just powerful; it's an eye-opener that delves into Rick's resilience and ultimate quest for a life marked by love, discipline, and commitment. You'll discover the surprising comforts found in small prison perks, hear stories from Rick's security days, and get a front-row seat to his reflections on mental health and overcoming unbelievable challenges to emerge free and victorious. 


Topics Include:

  • Opening Up About Childhood Anger Issues and Mental Health 
  • What It’s Like to be Personal Security for Dennis Rodman
  • How Rick Fell In with The Mob and Cocaine Distribution
  • Serving Five Years with Your Father In a Maximum Security Prison
  • How Keeping Busy Inspired Rick’s Life After Prison


Rick’s Book Recommendations: 

Think and Grow Rich

The Law of Success


Connect with Rick: 





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