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Sipping Tea with Sabrina

Dec 25, 2023

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Welcome! Today we're diving deep into a crucial challenge faced by nonprofits: donor retention. Did you know that currently, less than a quarter of all donors will give more than once to a cause? It's time to change that narrative! Join us for an insightful discussion on how fostering genuine donor relationships through gratitude and appreciation can transform your fundraising game.

πŸ™ The Thank You Effect πŸ™ Discover why expressing gratitude to your donors makes all the difference. We'll explore compelling statisticsβ€”like 85% of donors being swayed to make a second gift simply by receiving a heartfelt thank you.

🀝 Empowering Board Engagement 🀝 Learn how to empower and engage your board members in sharing the love with donors. Their involvement can significantly enhance the donor experience and foster long-term relationships.

πŸ” Insights from Donor Research πŸ” We'll delve into research findings to uncover what donors truly want. Understanding their needs and preferences is key to nurturing lasting connections.

πŸ’– The Five Donor Love Languages πŸ’– Introducing the concept of donor love languages! We'll explore these languages and how catering to each can help create a personalized and impactful donor stewardship plan.

πŸ“… Crafting an Annual Donor Love Plan πŸ“… Discover how to create a comprehensive donor stewardship plan that attracts and retains donors. We'll provide actionable steps to build and maintain warm and fulfilling donor relationships.

This podcast equips you with the essential tools to build authentic and lasting relationships with your donors. You'll walk away with a treasure trove of ideas and adaptable examples to elevate your professional practice. If you're ready to supercharge your donor relationships, this podcast is a must-listen!