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Sipping Tea with Sabrina

May 27, 2024

Join Sabrina and Nell Edgington, President of Social Velocity, in this enlightening conversation as they delve into the transformative power of shifting from scarcity to abundance mindsets within the non-profit sector.

Discover how questioning long-held beliefs and recognizing inherent worthiness can revolutionize...

May 20, 2024

Join host Sabrina Walker Hernandez on 'Sipping Tea with Sabrina' as she welcomes Marissa Latshaw to discuss 'Harnessing Empathy to Create a Movement for Your Mission.'

Explore how an empathy-focused approach can bridge the gap between your mission and message, enabling deeper connections with constituents, board...

May 13, 2024

Join host Sabrina Walker Hernandez and special guest Jason Candler, founder of The 5 Dollar Difference, in an enlightening episode of 'Sipping Tea with Sabrina' as they explore the profound impacts of 'Prosocial Spending: The Benefits of Giving.'

Discover how acts of kindness towards others can lead to lower stress, a...

May 6, 2024

Welcome to 'Sipping Tea with Sabrina'! In this episode, host Sabrina Walker Hernandez is joined by Maujhuri (Mou) Chakraborty, Founder and Web Business Strategist for, to explore 'Strategic Website Development and Online Visibility for Nonprofits.'

Dive into the exciting realm of digital nonprofit...