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Sipping Tea with Sabrina

Jul 1, 2024

Break free from not having enough donors. Friendraising allows you to start the donor relationship with a real human connection.

Access the House Party Friendraising kit here:

In this episode of Sipping Tea with Sabrina, we dive deep into the world of donor...

Jun 23, 2024

Do you ever feel like you're juggling a million balls, and one is always about to drop?

Non-profit professionals are often lauded for their dedication and hard work, but at what cost? Join Sabrina Walker Hernandez, founder of Supporting World Hope, as she sits down with Gilda VanderHeyden to explore the complexities...

Jun 10, 2024

Join host Sabrina Walker Hernandez in an essential episode of 'Sipping Tea with Sabrina' as she tackles the challenges of 'Building A First Class Board.'

If your board members are disengaged, unaware of their roles, or ineffective in fundraising, this episode is for you.

Learn how to select qualified and enthusiastic...

May 20, 2024

Join host Sabrina Walker Hernandez on 'Sipping Tea with Sabrina' as she welcomes Marissa Latshaw to discuss 'Harnessing Empathy to Create a Movement for Your Mission.'

Explore how an empathy-focused approach can bridge the gap between your mission and message, enabling deeper connections with constituents, board...

Apr 29, 2024

Join host Sabrina Walker Hernandez in an insightful episode of 'Sipping Tea with Sabrina' as she delves into the crucial topic of 'How to Find and Keep First Time Donors.'

Fundraising thrives on relationships, but what if your organization lacks them? Or worse, what if new donors slip away?

Discover powerful strategies...