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May 2, 2023

Megan Hauser is a force. She’s a researcher, educator, mother, wife, and gender justice advocate. A doctoral candidate in Education and Research at Lehigh University, Megan is doing interesting work, specializing in time-use and investigating the disproportionality of female-identifying teachers to female-identifying administrators in the U.S. public school system, and the gendered division of labor. She knows the weight of emotional labor.

We had such an interesting conversation about her research; Megan adds to the canon of emotional labor as she describes how being “future oriented” – thus shifting the boundaries of women’s lives.

In a world that likes to tell women how to spend their time, Megan believes women deserve to create their own boundaries. She is committed to engaging in research and dialogue that views women’s time through an intersectional lens.

Megan can be reached at: