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Jun 21, 2023

I started my organizing business two months after my university job layoff. An academic at heart, I devoured a lot books to help me learn my new craft. And it was with great excitement and glee when I can across Sari Solden’s, Women with Attention Deficit Disorder. Page after page of important insight and analysis of how the mental load of emotional labor lands on the ADD females typically raised to do all the work household management (aka –‘women’s work’).

Sari expands the definition of emotional labor by adding the invisible concepts of empathy  - and -- spending time on enhancing the quality of the relationship and the value these bring to the household and to paid workplace. In fact we spoke at length about how to make visible myriad invisible tasks of household management, and then elevate those tasks to expose their value.

Sari also described several ways to bring value to all the work women do to keep those around them comfortable, happy, and safe:

  • Practice awareness (Oh! This is emotional labor!)

  • List all the tasks and chores that are not pleasurable and allow for the consequence of not doing them

  • Don’t delegate what is critical and lean away from the need for control

  • Concentrate on making the work of emotional labor VERY visible

  • Make a decision to not carry resentment

She also recently announced the re-release and updated print of her classic ADHD Book, Journeys Through ADDulthood Discover a New Sense of Identity and Meaning While Living with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Please click here to be notified when the book is released and to save a spot on for the Journeys Through ADDulthood FREE Webinar.

I just loved my conversation with Sari and I hope you do too!