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Jul 19, 2023

Dr. Shahrzad Nooravi is a business psychologist, Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Founder and CEO of Strategy Meets Performance, a business consulting firm that partners with leaders of mid-sized to Fortune 500 organizations to help them create engaging, innovative, and productive cultures. Dr. Nooravi has been named “Trailblazer of the Year,” “Citizen of the Year,” and “A Voice to Listen to” for driving positive change in her community. Her new leadership book, "A Powerful Culture Starts with You" was rated as the #1 New Release in Workplace Culture and Best Seller in Business Coaching.

I met Dr. Sharzad this past year thought a mutual business networking group. Within moments into our first conversation, I knew I had made a really good friend because she thinks deeply about many things and seeks to make the world around her better. As an author, speaker, consultant, and coach, Sharzad turns her lens on corporate culture. Taking a deep dive to assess the culture of the workplace – vertically and horizontally – she makes important recommendations for the C-Suite execs to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her services create engaging cultures where employees give their all and decide to stay with the company, ultimatly positively impacting the company's brand and bottom line.

Sharzad and I talked about how companies can create a meaningful hybrid workplace to honor employees with families (read: women) by first understanding company values, and then showing the value of meaningful engagement with diversity, equity, and inclusion, followed by  the implementation of strategies, policies, processes, and procedures that enjoin a more cohesive paid workplace.

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