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Health Or High Water

Jun 29, 2023

Ever try a diet and it doesn't work for you? Are you confused about what to eat, and when? Then this podcast is for you! Check out as we take a deep dive on nutrition breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates while tackling calories and much more!


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Jun 27, 2023

We're back with episode 14 on Health Profiling! Join as Bret guides you through the journey that was creating this book "Health Profiling" written by Tripp Parks (available for pre-sale on Amazon Kindle). Join us for this enlightening conversation on the writing process, the inspiration and the content that makes this...

Jun 13, 2023

Welcome to the 13th episode of HOHW where talk about the dirty word, expecations. Let's dive into what you should expect when starting your fitness goals. How to turn motivation into inspirtation. As well as some of the pitfalls we get into while on our journey!

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Jun 5, 2023

Join us for this discussion as we dive into the foundational building blocks to making a positive lifestyle change. In this episode we talk about journaling, new routines, and thought practices. Learn how we change from motivation to dicipline, and create positive environments that allow us to grow and succeed in our...