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Re-Imagined Radio

Jun 19, 2023

Re-Imagined Radio presents four short science fiction radio stories by writer, producer, director, actor Jack J. Ward, of Nova Scotia, Canada. “Galaxy Master vs. The Varn,” “Reservations,” “Alien Invasion Cancelled,” and “Trans-Humanity.”

The title, "Coast to Coast," refers to the fact that Ward, makes his home on the eastern coast of Canada. We're broadcasting and streaming from Vancouver, Washington, on the western coast of the United States. Wherever you are listening, coast to coast, we hope you enjoy this episode.

See our website for more information.

Season 11, Episode 06

Premier broadcast: 19 June 2023

Written, Produced, Hosted by John Barber

Music, Sound Design, Post Production by Marc Rose

Graphics by Holly Slocum Design

File name: rir-coast-to-coast.mp3