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Re-Imagined Radio

May 18, 2021

A story of love and loss in 1940s Oregon. Re-Imagined Radio presents "Exuberance Is Beauty," performed by Illuminus Audio Productions, of Portland, Oregon. Created and produced by Donna Barrow-Green, this radio drama is a contemporary interpretation of Adam and Eve's biblical allegory and Eve's fall into desolation.

The setting is Portland, Oregon, following the end of World War II. A young widow, Eve Miller has not gotten over the loss of her husband Nick. An intense and exciting love affair with Jeff Lambert, a dashing, married, artist has brought passion back into her life. But, both Jeff and Eve must face the consequences of their desires and actions. See our website for more information,


Season 09, Episode 05
Premier Broadcast: 17 May 2021

Produced, Hosted by John Barber

Music, Sound Design, Post Production by Martin John Gallagher

Social Media by Regina Carol Social Media Management

Graphics by Holly Slocum Design

More info, see our website