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Re-Imagined Radio

Aug 16, 2021

Re-Imagined Radio presents "Nirvana & Gehenna," an interdimensional documentary written by Jerrel McQuen and produced by three-time Emmy winning sound designer Marc Rose, both of Portland, OR. In their story, The Multiverse is a helix. Five spirals above Earth is the universe that contains the dimension of Dry Smoke, and nine spirals up is the universe that contains Farwan. Professor Thedgar Rhedlington, an eccentric scientist from the Dry Smoke continuum, stumbles upon a way to bridge all three, and thus the birth of Nirvana & Gehenna. Any major event can ripple up and down the helix, and parallel events are born. Sounds mad — but is it? You decide. See our website for more information,


Season 09, Episode 08
Premier Broadcast: 16 Aug. 2021

Produced, Hosted by John Barber

Written by Jerrel McQuen

Music, Sound Design, Production by Marc Rose

Social Media by Regina Carol Social Media Management

Graphics by Holly Slocum Design

More info, see our website