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Re-Imagined Radio

Apr 16, 2024

Re-Imagined Radio samples from Box 13 and The Damon Runyon Theater, both offered by Paramount movie star Alan Ladd's Mayfair Productions, as syndicated radio programs. Both are significant examples of compelling, immersive radio storytelling.

Each episode of Box 13 stars Ladd as Dan Holiday, a newspaper reporter turned mystery/adventure novel writer who gets ideas for his writing by advertising in the newspaper. "Adventure wanted. Will go any place, do anything." We sample from the first episode, the one where Holiday (Ladd) responds to a letter from a woman needing help confronting her blackmailer of five years.

The Damon Runyon Theater adapts American newspaper and short story writer Damon Runyon's stories to radio. Each episode is set along Broadway, the famous street in New York. We sample from the first episode, "Tobias the Terrible," the one about a meek little man who wants to meet some underworld characters and winds up as one of them!

Season 12, Episode 04

Written, produced, hosted by John Barber

Sound Design, Music Composition, Post-Production by Marc Rose

Graphics by Holly Slocum

File name: rir-syndication.mp3