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Re-Imagined Radio

Apr 22, 2015

Re-Imagined Radio presents a live performance by Willamette Radio Workshop actors and other community volunteers at Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Washington. Inspired by the 1896 science fiction novel The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells, this radio adaptation by William S. Gregory, Portland playwright, radio dramatist, lyricist, and screenwriter, focuses on a scientist who attempts to convert animals into humans using vivisection. Themes include pain and cruelty, moral responsibility, human identity, and human interference with nature. See our website for more information,


Season 03, Episode 01
Premier broadcast: 22 April 2015

Directed by Sam A. Mowry

Produced, Hosted by John Barber

Sound Design, Music, Post Production by Marc Rose

More info, see our website