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Re-Imagined Radio

Oct 18, 2021

Re-Imagined Radio celebrates the 83rd anniversary of “The War of the Worlds” original broadcast, and World Audio Drama Day with our re-imagined remake of this classic radio drama. We re-imagined the storyline, adding new content, placing all in present day Vancouver, Washington. We used local landmarks and characters. We introduced new plot twists and perspectives. We incorporated cinematic sound effects and ambiences, all custom created for this episode. And, we introduced "The Voices," our new ensemble of amazing voice actors. See our website for more information,


Season 09, Episode 10
Premier Broadcast: 18 Oct. 2021

Written, Produced, Hosted by John Barber

Production, Music, Sound Design, Post Production by Marc Rose

Social Media by Regina Carol Social Media Management

Graphics by Holly Slocum Design

More info, see our website